New York

•  Mixed Media Illustrator  •  Graphic Designer  •
•  Teacher of the Arts  •  

BFA Illustration

The New School, Parsons School of Design - 2015

Amalia's work has always reflected her perspective on nature, energy, and spirit. Her unique style unfolds a deeper connection with the world around us. A connection we can make if we close our eyes and surrender to the light within our minds and hearts. She is passionate for the environment and believes it is through nature that we can find equality among all religions, races, and gender identities. Her style is inspired by nature, spiritual visions, and the creative family of artists and musicians that shaped her upbringing. Amalia always challenges herself to see more than what we can see with our eyes.  The way she interprets energy, movement, and aura is refreshing and stimulates curiosity.  Currently she is creating original artwork for websites, illustrations for short stories, logos for podcasts, websites, and large scale oil paintings. Her ambition is to become a published children's book illustrator/author, but she also offers services to help those who are grieving from loss (scroll down for more information).

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Grieving Death and Dying Services

Grieving Death and Dying Landscapes are custom-made paintings and illustrations that help ease the pain of losing a loved one or support individuals who are anticipating the inevitable end. Amalia sits down with her clients to better understand their perspective of life, death and the afterlife. Then she creates an image she believes will help individuals welcome death with love, acceptance and understanding.  

For Example: The image above was created for an older woman who couldn't imagine what heaven looked like. After learning more about the woman's childhood and her love of daffodils Amalia created this interpretation of heaven, a path made of grass, flowers and fresh air welcoming her back to the spirit world.

Cost of paintings depend on size, medium, and time.

Please Contact if you are in need of these services. 

Nature Mandalas are a beautiful way to connect with Mother Earth and a beautiful way to honor those who are no longer with us.  Nature mandalas can be created near/on top of grave sites or locations where the individual loved to spend time (their favorite park, backyard, best friend's house, etc.) This service is provided for people, pets, or trees that had to be cut down, but can also be a wonderful creative way to honor Mother Earth for Solstices, Equinoxes, Rituals or Women Circles!

Please Contact if you are in need of these services. 

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